SweatInc Revival
By Audacious Wombat Follow | Public

SweatInc Revival is the rebirth of a past brand that started its creative wings for the fitness world back in 2004.

Our goal is to revive the industry by creating new, unique bite sized fitness workshops and experiences by showcasing fun, interactive and exciting events for people in Singapore and beyond!

In its glory days, the old brand showcased its unique and attractive fun-based fitness programs and powered its way into achieving magazine features in Shape, EzyHealth & Beauty and Wealth. It was also featured in numerous newspaper articles in Urban Fitness News and Mind Your Body in the Straits Times. In its most glorious high-five season, was when we were featured in a TV segment on Prime Time Morning news on Channel News Asia called "A Muscle A Day" which was aired in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

Our mission is to build a community of adventurous and competitive GO-seekers who understand that the body and mind needs variety, and that fitness regimes alone are not the solution to great health, mind and body. Hence, we seek to help remedy lifestyle concerns by partnering specialised fitness professionals and providing a holistic variety of empowering experiences, teach-and-apply solutions, unique and fun events, give back schemes and more!

Guided by the master of creative, fun, crazy and functional fitness experiences himself who has over 20 years of exposure in the industry, you're sure to be in great hands! In 2018, we will be creating a new fitness initiative with other creative super coaches and trainers to provide the best and most exciting variety of fitness experiences in Singapore and Asia.

Come piggy back with us onto the spaceship of modern day fitness therapies and lifestyle solutions! Stay tuned as we roll out new, competitive AND fun programs your way!

So....ARE YOU READY to SweatInc Revival? πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦